What is WebMoney?

Electronic payment system WebMoney or WebMoney – what is it?
Currently already many faced with such a popular e-banking payment system, how PayPal (or WebMoney), which is intended for calculations for services and purchases via the Internet.

The system includes several variants of the title characters, which are calculation units, i.e., they are counterparts of real money. To store them, use the corresponding e-wallets.

The title character WMR is similar to the Russian ruble, storage where is used R-purse.

WME – analogue Euro – storage used E-wallet.

WMZ is dollars, and they are stored in your wallet Z.

WMG-unit is the equivalent of the gold that is stored in the G-wallet.

These 4 types are the most popular units, but there are also others: WMU – equivalent of Rivne (UAH), WMB – equivalent to Belorussian roubles (BYR), WMY – equivalent Kyrgyzstani som (UZS) and others.

Credit momentum are performed using the estimated units of WMZ, as well as WMC and WMD, which are the equivalents of WMZ.

Transactions of computational units of each type has its own guarantor. So WMR-operations is the guarantor of LLC “BMP”, for WME transactions is Netec Financial ltd company, for WMZ transactions is Amstar Holdings company Limited, WMG transactions is WM Metals FZE.

Technical and organizational component of the system is provided by WM Transfer Ltd, which are the owner and administrator of the payment system WebMoney.

This payment system works using a client program WM Keeper Classic, which runs under the Microsoft Windows operating system. To work with WebMoney in other operating systems there are websites WM Keeper Mini and WM Keeper Light. For mogilnykh phones and smartphones specifically designed WM Keeper Mobile.

Each client system WebMoney is assigned a WM-identifier – a twelve-digit number (e-wallet). Accounts also have a unique number. In addition, before the digital code of the wallet is stamped with a character designation of a specific unit of account in the form of letters of the English alphabet.

User WebMoney can be issued passport which is a personal ID to identify You by other clients of the system and to provide security measures. There are five levels of certificates. The simplest way is to alias passport, then there is a formal passport, initial, and personal, and is the most authoritative certificate of the Registrar. In addition to the above certificates in WebMoney there are certificates that allow a certain activity: a seller certificate, a certificate of service WMT, the certificate of the developer and others. To apply for a passport on WebMoney site in the center of certification.